Lincoln Park Home Remodeling, Renovation and Repair Services

Home to museums, theaters, and historic homes, URB Remodeling and Renovation employees and contractors enjoy Lincoln Park blending arts and architecture.

From mansions, rowhouses, frame houses, two-flat buildings, and high-rise condominiums, our remodeling and renovation pros relish the variety of modernizing or makeover visions Lincoln Park residents have for their homes.

Old or newer home, our Lincoln Park remodeling and renovation services is up to the task of turning your vision for your home into a reality. 

With Lincoln Park customer service attentiveness, superior craftsmanship, and quality materials, you can count on URB Remodeling and Renovation to provide you with a personalized experience and very satisfying results.

Bissell Street District (pictured above) exemplifies Lincoln Park’s neighborhood charm and architectural character.

Lincoln Park URB Remodeling and Renovation

Our Chicago home remodeling, renovation, and repair services are available to all Chicagoans. In addition to Lincoln Park, our primary service areas are the Gold Coast and River North.

Our Lincoln Park Home Remodeling Contractor side.

We are called upon to apply our home remodeling talents to bring a client’s vision of turning a house they just purchased into a home for their family or updating their current home’s look and function to suit their style and needs better.

Our Lincoln Park Home Renovation Company side.

As proficient as we are in remodeling one room or an entire house to satisfy a client’s vision, our home renovation skills are sometimes necessary to make the significant changes or additions to make a client’s dream home vision a reality.

Designing your vision

Our design services are available if you like some help getting your vision on paper or should your remodeling or renovation project require architectural expertise.  From conception to completion, you can depend on URB Remodeling and Renovation.

Lincoln Park Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation

There was a time when the kitchen was bland, and the only functional purpose was preparing food and cooking meals. They now serve as gathering places for family and friends, as home offices, and a whole assortment of other purposes.

What role does your kitchen play in your home? Do you find it to be the gathering space for family and friends? Is it the grand central station for your family? Our kitchen remodeling and renovation services will help create a stylish, functional, and sustainable space for whatever role your kitchen plays or the vision you have.

From design and product selection to installation and project completion, our remodeling and renovation teams take care of everything to make the vision for your kitchen a reality.


North Shore kitchen remodeling and renovation services

Lincoln Park Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

The master bath, which previous generations may have viewed as an indulgence, has become essential in any home. 

Today, a master bathroom suite, or any well-designed bathroom, can serve as a place to transition between private and public life or provide a comfortable, relaxing space.

Our North Shore bathroom remodeling and renovation services can create a beautiful and timeless transformation by providing quality craftsmanship and products.

From design and product selection to installation and project completion, our remodeling and renovation teams take care of everything to makeover, expand or add any size bathroom.


Our Chicago Lincoln Park home remodeling and renovation services also provide quality craftsmanship and products to help make your vision of a stylish, functional, and sustainable bedroom, entertainment area, or basement a reality.