Exterior Home Remodeling, Renovation & Repairs

Remodeling or renovating the exterior of your home goes a long way to beautify your home, increase its value, and helping protect it from the elements. Especially, when you trust the work to be done by our trade professionals.

We understand the exterior of your home should be welcoming, and rich with details created with careful craftsmanship we provide to reinforce the desired quality that you find appealing.

Our exterior home remodeling and renovation services we offer include tuckpointing, repairing and replacing masonry including brick, stone, and concrete as well as repairing and replacing windows, siding and roofing. We also added or replace decks.

Project Design and Management
We are also able to provide experienced project design and management services that include: Initial design and consultation based on your specific needs, desires, and style preferences. And, detailed project planning and material selection.

We are not only familiar with the general construction and rehabbing process of residential and commercial real estate property but also with our customers and investors expectations with regards to their investment. Each and every Chicago home rehabbing project is very different with regards to the work involved. Chicago real estate property investors typically have different expectations when it comes to the cost of materials used in their rehab projects than home owners who rehab properties with the intention of living in them following the work completion do. Whether you’re a real estate investor looking to rehab a property for resale purpose or a home owner looking to rehab your home to update it and raise it’s value, – rest assured we will work with you to make the project work flow as smooth as possible and within your desired budget as best as possible.

It’s no secret that both real estate investors and home owners rehab their properties with the expectation of raising the property value. Rehabbing a property will most certainly raise it’s value, however, one must be careful to invest wisely and keep the remodeling budget in line with the property purchase price or current market value and take into consideration the value of your real estate following the rehab work completion. Even if you’re a home owner and your sole purpose of rehabbing a home is to make it more suitable and comfortable for your family, chances are you will sell the home in a couple of years. For this reason it is important to do your homework, get familiar with current market value as well as prognosed market values for several years ahead and adjust your rehabbing budget to make the investment work for you.