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Bathroom Remodeling

URB Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Contractors specialize in home bathroom remodeling, investment property remodeling and commercial bathroom remodeling.

Home Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom remodeling in Chicago and kitchen remodeling are the top two rooms which home owners and real estate investors spend the most amount of money on while renovating their properties. There is no question about the fact that bathrooms are very frequently used rooms in every home, every investment property or every building in general. Remodeling a bathroom in Chicago seems like a fairly easy job to most people as bathrooms in general are smaller than most other rooms in the house. Despite the small size, bathroom remodeling can get very tricky, very time consuming and very experience and skill demanding.

The tricky parts of Chicago Bathroom Remodeling and why you should hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor to do the remodeling for you.

Plumbing work – City of Chicago as well as other Village and City municipalities require licensed professionals to perform any plumbing work. This includes even simpler tasks such as changing toilets, changing sinks or faucets which at times home owners can do themselves. Other – more serious plumbing work, such as altering existing plumbing lines, moving plumbing or sewer lines is way more demanding and requires professional knowledge and experience. There are many code requirements with reference to the type of material that needs to be used, its size, proper way of installation, etc. A professional Chicago Bathroom Remodeling contractor can actually save you time, frustration and money by completing the work timely and properly.

Bathroom Tile Installation – Installing ceramic, porcelain, marble or granite tile is not the easiest job in the world. It appears to be easy when you see a professional do it, but it is not. Chicago tile installation requires the proper tools, knowledge and most importantly experience. Any tile installation starts with a proper layout. With many different tile designs/ tile patterns as well as tile sizes, proper alignment and layout of tiles prior to starting any work is the key to making your remodeled bathroom look good. Some of the things to consider before starting the work are;

  • Which types of tiles will you use
  • The thickness of tiles you will be using
  • Size of tiles
  • Do the tiles have a specific pattern
  • How will the new floor fit in with other rooms in the house
  • Proper surface preparation and leveling