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Making the Most of Small Bathroom Spaces

Published on August 25, 2023

Size doesn’t always matter—especially when it comes to designing your bathroom. Whether you’re in the heart of Chicago or enjoying life in EvanstonKenilworthWilmetteWinnetkaGlencoeHighland ParkFort SheridanLake Forest, or Lake Bluff, you can create a bathroom space that is both functional and stylish, regardless of its size.

The Importance of Smart Design

A small bathroom doesn’t have to mean a cramped bathroom. Smart design choices can transform a modest space into an area that offers comfort, utility, and even a touch of luxury.

Maximizing Space: Key Considerations


  1. Vertical Space: Don’t just think horizontally. Utilize vertical space with tall cabinets or floating shelves.
  2. Corner Sinks: A corner sink can free up valuable floor space.
  3. Sliding Doors: Traditional doors eat up space. Consider sliding doors to add a few extra square feet.

Functionality and Storage

  1. Wall-Mounted Units: From sinks to cabinets, wall-mounted options can make the room appear larger.
  2. Multi-Functional Furniture: Think of items that can serve multiple purposes, like a mirrored cabinet that serves both as storage and a vanity mirror.
  3. Hidden Storage: Use the space under the sink or install a recessed medicine cabinet for additional storage.

Color and Lighting

  1. Light Colors: Lighter shades can make a room feel bigger and more airy.
  2. Good Lighting: Proper lighting is crucial in smaller spaces. Opt for LED lights to illuminate every corner.
  3. Mirrors: A well-placed mirror can not only be functional but also create the illusion of space.


Just like any other renovation, set a realistic budget. From chic options to budget-friendly solutions, there’s a wide range of products that can fit your pocket and style.

Expert Tips for Local Neighborhoods

Whether it’s the historic homes in Evanston, the modern apartments in Chicago, or the diverse range of homes in KenilworthWilmetteWinnetkaGlencoeHighland ParkFort SheridanLake Forest, or Lake Bluff, each area offers unique opportunities and challenges for small bathroom designs. Local experts can provide valuable insights tailored to your specific needs.

Professional Installation

For best results, consider hiring professionals for the installation. Skilled teams in EvanstonKenilworthWilmetteWinnetkaGlencoeHighland ParkFort SheridanLake Forest, or Lake Bluff can help you make the most of your small bathroom space, ensuring that every inch is utilized efficiently.


A small bathroom doesn’t have to compromise on style or functionality. With thoughtful planning and design, you can maximize every inch of your bathroom, creating a space that is both beautiful and practical. So no matter where in the Chicagoland area you reside, your dream bathroom is just a renovation away.

Ready to transform your small bathroom into a comfortable, functional space? Start planning your dream bathroom today!

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