Home Gut Rehab

URB Remodeling for the best Home Gut Rehab services in Chicago, IL

Gut rehab is the most extreme scenario of remodeling or renovating a property or a home in Chicago, without actually demolishing the exterior walls and rebuilding from scratch. Gut rehab starts with taring everything on the inside out – at times down to the studs or the frame. Gut Rehab in Chicago does not however, refer to interior work alone. Many times rehabbing of a house involves severe exterior changes or alterations. Generally once most of the interior of the house is cleaned up and exposed – the gut rehab remodeling contractor is able to inspect insulation, structure and any utilities which usually are not readily available. This is the perfect time to repair, replace or alter in any way – the electrical service, plumbing, sewer or duct work/ventilation service. At any other time such alterations typically mean a part of the house where the work is being performed is being partially torn up and additional repairs are necessary following the initial repairs.

URB Chicago Home Remodeling contractors are experts at completing gut rehab projects for both home owners as well as real estate investors. We’ve been rehabbing homes in Chicago and investment properties all over the city for nearly 3 decades. We’re ready to take on your home gut rehab project – no matter if its a single family gut rehab project, 2-flat gut rehab, 3-4 flat, multi family investment property gut rehab or a commercial property.

Home Gut Rehab – generally starts with some demolition work and/or significant layout alterations.

Demolition work includes removal of any debris that is present in the house, possibly removing of old and deteriorated materials and preparing the house or investment property for further work. 

Interior Home Demolition

  • Removal of left behind debris
  • Removal of left behind furniture
  • Removal of cabinetry
  • Removal of old carpet
  • Removal of laminate tile flooring
  • Removal of ceramic tile flooring
  • Removal of deteriorated hard wood flooring
  • Removal of deteriorated drywall
  • Removal of wall paneling
  • Removal of old plumbing fixtures
  • Removal of old plumbing lines
  • Removal of old electrical wiring
  • Removal of interior doors and windows
  • Removal of baseboards and trim
  • Removal of old home insulation

Exterior Home Demolition

  • Removal of old windows
  • Removal of old entry doors
  • Removal of old siding
  • Removal of old shingles
  • Removal of old roofing material
  • Removal of wooden accents
  • Removal of old porch
  • Removal of cement
  • Removal of brick
  • Removal of joists
  • Removal of fascia
  • Removal of aluminum trim