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The Ultimate Checklist for Whole House Remodeling

Published on August 25, 2023

A whole house remodel is a monumental task that requires meticulous planning, whether you’re situated in Chicago or in its suburban areas like EvanstonKenilworthWilmetteWinnetkaGlencoeHighland ParkFort SheridanLake Forest, or Lake Bluff navigating through the myriad decisions can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate checklist for your whole house remodeling, highlighting how URB Remodeling & Renovation Co can be your trusted partner through each step.

Pre-Planning Stage

Define Your Goals

  • Understand why you’re remodeling. Is it to modernize, increase functionality, or perhaps both?

Prioritize Needs and Wants

  • Sort out which projects are non-negotiable and which are on the ‘wish list.’

Set a Budget

  • Determine your budget range and include a 10-20% contingency for unexpected costs.

Research Contractors

  • At this point, you’d typically scout for various contractors, but with URB Remodeling & Renovation Co, you can rest easy knowing you’re choosing a trusted, all-in-one service provider.

Design and Planning Stage

Consult with URB Remodeling & Renovation Co

  • Utilize their comprehensive consultation services to translate your needs into an actionable plan.

Secure Financing

  • Make sure your financing options, whether it’s a loan or savings, are ready to be deployed.

Preliminary Design Sketches

  • Collaborate with URB Remodeling & Renovation Co’s skilled designers to draft preliminary designs.

Acquire Permits

  • URB Remodeling & Renovation Co can assist in obtaining the necessary permits, saving you time and stress.

Execution Stage

Finalize Your Designs

  • Before the first hammer swings, confirm all designs, materials, and finishes.

Project Timeline

  • Work with URB Remodeling & Renovation Co to develop a realistic timeline, keeping your comfort in mind if you plan to live in the home during the remodel.

Material Orders

  • Confirm all materials are ordered and will be available when needed.

Regular Check-ins

  • Keep an open line of communication with URB Remodeling & Renovation Co throughout the project to ensure everything is going according to plan.

Wrapping Up

Final Inspections

  • Conduct a thorough inspection to confirm all work meets your standards and adheres to code.

Make Final Payments

  • Once you’re satisfied with the work, finalize any remaining payments.

Collect Warranty and Documentation

  • URB Remodeling & Renovation Co provides all the necessary documents, including warranties, for your peace of mind.


Write a Review

  • Satisfied with the job? Leave a review to help other Chicagoland homeowners make an informed decision.

Enjoy Your New Home

  • Once all is said and done, it’s time to enjoy your newly remodeled home!


Embarking on a whole house remodel can be intimidating, but with careful planning and a reliable partner like URB Remodeling & Renovation Co, you can turn your dream home into a reality. Covering each point on this checklist ensures a smoother, more efficient remodeling process, setting you up for success regardless of your location in the Chicagoland area.

Ready to make your dream home a reality? Contact URB Remodeling & Renovation Co and embark on the ultimate home remodeling journey.

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